Auto Close Skype Home [solved]

August 25, 2011

Got so sick of the Skype Home window appearing every time I start Skype that I wrote an AutoHotKey script to kill it whenever it opens. Script has been turned into an exe for those trustworthy souls who just want the darn window gone. I suggesting adding it to your startup folder so it starts with windows.


For the more paranoid, and the do-it-yourself-ers here is the AutoHotKey script I write.

; Copied directly from
; Example #1: Close unwanted windows whenever they appear:
SetTimer, CloseSkypeHome, 250

WinClose, Skype Home

This will, I suspect, need to be translated to work on non-English locales. The script, icon and a copy of the executable are also available.


How to use jQuery 1.4 (safely) in a Firefox add-on

July 22, 2010

jQuery and Firefox, you’d think it would be easy, but no.

The main problem here is if you include jQuery like you would any other javascript file then you’ll notice that toolbar buttons will dissapear and other layout problems will occur. It’ll also cause havoc for any other add-on that has jQuery included in it (because all add-on inhabit the same global namespace).

So what we need is a safe way to load jQuery, that wont cause rendering errors, and won’t cause conflicts with other extensions.

Firstly the rendering problem can be solved by waiting for the browser to load before loading jquery

window.addEventListener("load", function jQueryLoader(evt){
	window.removeEventListener("load", jQueryLoader, false);

	//load jQuery

}, false);

And now to avoid the conflicts with other addons by wrapping our loader in a closure

//wrap our code in a closure so it doesn't conflict with other add-ons
	window.addEventListener("load", function jQueryLoader(evt){
		window.removeEventListener("load", jQueryLoader, false);

		//load jQuery

		//copy the jQuery variable into our namespace
		var $ = window.$;

		//then restore the global $ and jQuery objects

		//a couple of tests to make verify

		//now do something cool with it

	}, false);

Trac Success!

July 1, 2010

Finally figured it out. The secret was to completely separate the svn authentication from the trac authentication, otherwise whenever a user changed their password it would break the svn repository.

So trac is now up and running for statusbarplus, and I’ve re-organized the menus and such like. The cookie problem still exists, but I’m pretty sure that’s a path issue and I suspect I’ll need to talk to the dreamhost guys to fix that one. But for now I’ll take the win, and move on to actually getting some work done.

Happy Karl :)


More Trac troubles

June 27, 2010

Finally manages to get the authentication system up and running by following some instructions from the dreamhost wiki. I’m still finding that this is way harder than it should be. I’ve spent ages looking at other bug tracking solutions

  • Mantis
  • Flyspray
  • Bug Genie

and I’m not the only one. I felt surely that there’d be a simple bugtracker written in php that would hook up to subversion. Having an integrated wiki is a nice touch as it allow you to automatically link to bugs within the pages. AFAICT these things didn’t exists 3 years ago, and still don’t exist now:(

So I guess I’m stuck hacking my way through Trac (and hacking it is, whilst I have the authentication up and running, the “remember me” cookie is broken due to some arcane python bug), until I can find something else. I’m a developer FFS. It shouldn’t take me more time to setup a bugtracker than it does to develop the product!


Trac 90%

June 26, 2010

So Trac has not been too successful. I’ve got it installed, but have totally failed to setup the authentication as I want it. It appears that dreamhost do not support the <location> directive in the htaccess files, and without this trac authentication is an all or nothing affair (you can’t see anything unless you are logged in).

I’ve also spent way too long playing with this. I have plenty of other things that are a higher priority at the moment, and so I’m going to have to leave it in this state until I can find the time to look for a better bugtracker+wiki, or can find an alternate authentication method for trac.


Trac Success (sortof)

June 22, 2010

Setup trac on the third attempt. Have got it synchronized with the svn repo but still need to work out the authentication.

Not exactly “one-click” install but I’m getting there.


Statusbarplus (alpha) is available

June 21, 2010

You can install it from here. The update mechanism isn’t tested yet, so it’s probably best to wait until I’ve got that sorted out first, otherwise you’ll have to keep coming here back to see if there are any updates


Little hiccup

June 21, 2010

Ok, so I lost the site for a day when transferring the DNS over from namecheap, but we’ll let that one go for now.

I tried the “one-click” install of trac that was supposed to automatically sync up with the svn repo I made yesterday. The install went fine, and it looked like is was all setup, but I had no authentication as such.

Will need to setup authentication by hand I think :(


Site setup. How easy is this?

June 20, 2010

I’m testing the Dreamhost webhosting and ease of use. So far I’ve setup wordpress (one-click install) and an svn repository for my new Safari extension “statusbarplus”. So far everything has gone swimmingly.

Next up is installing trac and seeing if I can hook it up to the svn repo. I suspect this may be a little trickier, but dreamhost has been pretty good so far.