More Trac troubles

June 27, 2010

Finally manages to get the authentication system up and running by following some instructions from the dreamhost wiki. I’m still finding that this is way harder than it should be. I’ve spent ages looking at other bug tracking solutions

  • Mantis
  • Flyspray
  • Bug Genie

and I’m not the only one. I felt surely that there’d be a simple bugtracker written in php that would hook up to subversion. Having an integrated wiki is a nice touch as it allow you to automatically link to bugs within the pages. AFAICT these things didn’t exists 3 years ago, and still don’t exist now:(

So I guess I’m stuck hacking my way through Trac (and hacking it is, whilst I have the authentication up and running, the “remember me” cookie is broken due to some arcane python bug), until I can find something else. I’m a developer FFS. It shouldn’t take me more time to setup a bugtracker than it does to develop the product!

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